Signs & Symptons

Supination is the opposite of pronation and refers to the outward roll of the foot during normal motion. A natural amount of supination occurs during the push-off phase of the running gait as the heel lifts off the ground and the forefoot and toes are used to propel the body forward.

However, excessive supination (outward rolling) places a large strain on the muscles and tendons that stabilize the ankle, and can lead to the ankle rolling completely over, resulting in an ankle sprain or total ligament rupture.


The most common cause of supination is heredity - we inherit this biomechanical defect.

The second most common cause is due to the way our feet were positioned in the uterus while we were developing; this is called a congenital defect.


Our custom made orthotics help control excessive pronation and supination. They provide a unique foot support system that aligns the lower body.

The major cause of foot and leg pain is over pronation or supination which cause excessive pressure on the muscles, ligaments and bones of the lower body.

Our Orthotics treat the underlying cause and prevent future occurrences of the associated foot or leg condition.