Signs & Symptons

Any site that has been exposed to mechanical stress such as shear and friction is likely to become inflamed resulting in the inflammation of a bursa. There is usually visible swelling and tenderness over the affected area. Common sites for bursitis

  • Medial aspect first metatarsal head (outside of the big toe)
  • Lateral side of 5th metatarsal (outside of the 5th toe)
  • Dorsal interphalangeal joints (top of the toes)
  • Retrocalcaneal area (back of the heel)


  • Anti-inflammatory preparations
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • If bursitis is infected then antibiotics are required
  • Change ill-fitting shoe to avoid rubbing
  • Use of protective padding or gel materials to reduce stress on tissues
  • Orthoses to correct any biomechanical abnormality (See a Podiatrist)